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Production Facilities

Production Facilities

Extrusion / Clean Room / Assembly Lines / Packing Lines / Sterilization


All the injection molding parts used in our products are produced here in our own injection molding lines. 9 different injection molding machines produce Barrels, Plungers, Caps, Hubs. Our high qualified technicians are controlling and maintaining machineries and molds with their best conditions.

Assembly Lines

All of assembly lines are automatic production facilities which operated with severe protocol in Clean-room. Production facilities herein established are Insulin syringe and Insulin pen needle and Hypodermic needle assembly lines, Gasket assembly machines, Barrel printing machines, Polybag and Individual blister packing machines. All the machines are advanced technology-intensive automatic system and Clean room is controlled by rigidly applied clean environment system and blocking system of air reverse.

Sterilizaton / Packing

We set-up a volume of 10 cubic meters E.O. Gas(Ethylene Oxide Gas) sterilization machine, pre-conditioning chamber and air ventilation room. All our products are sterilized here and allowed to be released after sterile effectiveness tests.